Pupil Responsibilities

We have fantastic children at The Pochin School who are keen to participate fully in the life of the school. As such they are voted into various roles within school.

School Council

Members of our School Council.

Two children, one girl and one boy, from Classes 2, 3 and 4 vote for who they would like to represent them on the School Council.

The Council meet once a week with the Headteacher and bring forward ideas on how the children in their class think the school can be improved. These are discussed and often taken on to a whole school assembly and shared with all the children for their thoughts. Sometimes these come back to School Council for further discussion, refinement and then implementation.

Here are a few quotes from the School Council about our school:

  • "The teachers are nice." Gabriella
  • "You feel very welcome at the school." Romi
  • "You only get work that you are capable of." Samuel
  • "The teachers work hard to achieve great expectations." Kian
  • "I like The Pochin School because the teachers are great." Shane
  • "The children will play with you." Eva-Maria
  • "The teachers are very approachable." Lucia
  • "I like the work we do." Niam

Head Girl and Boy

Our Head Girl and Boy.

These two children represent the school on official occasions, for example if we have a special visitor to the school.

They also play an important role on our school services at church. They begin each service by welcoming people and can play a special part, for example when they present Mr Pochin with a bunch of flowers at the Founder’s Day Service each July as rent for allowing us to use the school garden.

House Captains

Our House Captains.

There are two houses within the school, Charnwood and Windsor.

The children are denoted by the colour of their school ties, red for Windsor and yellow for Charnwood. Children are randomly placed into one of the two houses unless they have a family member already in a house, this could be a sibling or someone older such as a parent who came to The Pochin School.

The House Captains collect house points each week and present them at a whole school assembly on Friday. These scores are tallied up and a cup presented by Mr Pochin at the Founder’s Day service in July.

The House Captains also play an important part in our annual Sports Day where they have to make a brief speech to everybody at the Cricket Ground if their team wins, or a speech at a tea in the Village Hall if their team loses.


School Prefects.

Prefects perform various roles within the school such as helping the younger children, distributing registers twice a day and emptying the fruit bowls for recycling each day. These daily jobs are essential to the smooth running of the school. The latter three roles are voted for by the other children in the school.

During an election campaign, the candidates give a speech to the children in school at an assembly describing why they want the post and why the other children should vote for them. The children are then voted for democratically in a secret ballot. They are then presented with their badges of office at a special assembly at church called the Dedication Service. We always have someone special to present the badges and in recent years have had the local MP, Bishop of Leicester, the architect who has overseen the building works at school over the last five years and a Chief Constable to name a few. This year we were pleased to welcome back the previous headteacher, Mr Cotton to present the badges.