On this page you can meet all the friendly people who work at our school.

The pictures below were drawn by some of our talented pupils If you'd like to see what the staff really look like, just hover over each picture with your mouse.

Mrs Bailey
by Francis

Mrs S Chapman
by Olivia

Mrs V Chapman
by Yagna

Mrs Cook
by Harry

Mrs Cooledge
by Niyam

Mrs Cooper
by Gabriella

Mr Cotton
by Mollie

Mrs Dilkes
by William

Mrs Dodge
by Mollie

Mrs Harris
by Isla

Mrs Hill
by Yagna

Mr Johnson
by Sianna

Mrs King
by Jasmin

Mrs Lakin
by Mollie

Mrs Linnett
by Nina

Mrs Macefield
by Henry

Mrs Marsh
by Scarlett

Mrs Marvell-Stewart
by Niyam

Miss Poynter
by Melisa

Mrs Rimmer
by Rhea

Mrs Walker
by Nikita

Mrs Woolerton
by Eve

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mr S Cotton Headteacher
Mrs H Sharpe Deputy Headteacher, Class 5 Teacher
Mrs L Rimmer Class 1 Teacher
Mrs J Marsh Class 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Norton Class 1 Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Cooledge Class 2 Teacher
Mrs J Linnett Class 2 Teacher
Miss H Poynter Class 2 Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Cook Class 3 Teacher, SENDCo
Mrs Z Macefield Class 3 Teacher
Mrs A Bailey Class 3 Teaching Assistant
Mr A Johnson Class 4 Teacher
Mrs K King Class 4 Teaching Assistant, Playground Supervisor, Midday Supervisor
Mrs C Lakin Class 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Marvell-Stewart Music Teacher
Mrs J Dodge RE Teacher
Mrs L Walker SEN Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Dilkes Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Chapman Learning Support Assistant, Premises Officer, Playground Supervisor, Midday Supervisor
Mrs V Chapman Premises Officer, Kitchen Assistant, Kiss and Drive
Mrs L Hill Cook, Kiss and Drive
Mrs L Cooper Learning Support Assistant - Pupils' Kitchen, Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Woolerton School Business Manager
Mrs C Harris Administrative Assistant