Class 3

In Class 3 we have a mixture of approximately 20 Year 3 and 10 Year 4 children.

The adults who work with us in Class 3 are Mrs Macefield and Mrs Rimmer (teachers) assisted by Miss Hall, Mrs Chapman and Mrs Bailey.

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Home Learning

During the school closure and extended absence from school in light of the Coronavirus, here are home learning projects, activities and links for the children to complete:

For any queries or issues regarding our home learning, please email:

Documents above are pdf files unless otherwise specified.

Our Learning

See our termly Curricum Outlines on our Curriculum page.


A newspaper spread on Capt Tom Moore by Kingsley.
A museum collection by Rian

A comic invasion of Lindifarne by Frankie.
Lindisfarne Report by Tyler

Viking Express newspaper by Sienna.
Vikings Poster by Sienna.

Video Gallery

Spring 2019: Having fun learning through the theme of Peter Pan

Autumn 2018: Our Christmas Song

Autumn 2018: Stay Safe and Be Healthy

Autumn 2018: Beaumanor Wall of Doom

Autumn 2018: Archery