Class 3

In Class 3 we have a mixture of approximately 20 Year 3 and 10 Year 4 children.

The adults who work with us in Class 3 are Mrs Macefield and Mrs Rimmer (teachers) assisted by Miss Hall, Mrs Chapman and Mrs Bailey.

Home Learning

During the school closure and extended absence from school in light of the Coronavirus, here are home learning projects, activities and links for the children to complete:

For any queries or issues regarding our home learning, please email:

Documents above are pdf files unless otherwise specified.

Our Learning

See our termly Curricum Outlines on our Curriculum page.


A newspaper spread on Capt Tom Moore by Kingsley.
A museum collection by Rian

A comic invasion of Lindifarne by Frankie.
Lindisfarne Report by Tyler

Viking Express newspaper by Sienna.
Vikings Poster by Sienna.

Video Gallery

Spring 2019: Having fun learning through the theme of Peter Pan

Autumn 2018: Our Christmas Song

Autumn 2018: Stay Safe and Be Healthy

Autumn 2018: Beaumanor Wall of Doom

Autumn 2018: Archery