Class 5

In Class 5 we have approximately 20 Year 6 children.

The adults who work with us in Year 6 are Mrs Sharpe and Mrs Jones (teachers) assisted by Mrs Lakin.

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Home Learning

During the school closure and extended absence from school in light of the Coronavirus, here are home learning projects, activities and links for the children to complete:

For any queries or issues regarding our home learning, please email:

Documents above are pdf files unless otherwise specified.

Our Learning

See our termly Curricum Outlines on our Curriculum page.

April 2020 Diary Writing Competition

The children were asked to produce a diary entry that would be interesting and exciting for other children to read. We had so many great diaries to read it was wonderful. The winners and runners up can be read below:

Home Writing

Serena’s wonderful thoughts about friendship while the national copes with Covid19:

Adventure Story

Year 6 were challenged to write their own Adventure Story. They were provided with a modelled example written by the teacher. They had to read and analyse the story, identifying features that they could then include in their own work. The children needed to describe the setting, the characters and then have a problem that they needed to solve. Here's is our winning story by Diya:


Some of the beautiful Christmas cooking that we make in school and take home for our families to eat.
Emotional poems written by the children in Class 5 about WW1.

Fantastic clocks made by the children in DT lessons.
We are always working hard in class5!

Video Gallery

Spring 2019: Exploring Fantasy Worlds through Art and English

Spring 2019: Having fun with Maths

Autumn 2018: Our Christmas Song

Autumn 2018: The children having fun over this term learning through the theme of Chocolate production.

Autumn 2018: Class 5 have been learning about World War 1 and were fortunate to visit The Somme. It was a very sobering experience but we had fun times too!

Autumn 2018: We had a great time at Beaumanor and after seeing previous Year 6 children have a go at the high ropes we were thrilled to finally have our turn. Lots of us overcame fear and go out of our comfort zone to reach great heights!

Autumn 2018: We learnt a vast amount about looking after ourselves during our 'Stay Safe, Keep Healthy' fortnight, from diet and exercise to staying safe outside and online.