Event - School Visit to Beaumanor Hall

19 October 2006

The whole school went to Beaumanor Hall on Thursday 19 October 2006.

Reception and Year 1 had to find Itchy Bear, a special bear hunt around the grounds. Year 2 did orienteering; Year 3 did survival skills in the woods; Year 4 did bridge building. Year 5 did canoeing, archery and climbing, they also stopped over night. Year 6 did team building exercises.

Below are some pictures of some of the things we got up to:

Archery with Year 5
Testing the strongest shapes for bridge building

We added more and more weights...
...Until it all falls down!

We then had to make a real bridge, to cross the stream, with the knowledge we had learned.
Yes, well... perhaps it didn't quite work, but at least he made a lovely splash!

Year 5 on the Climbing Wall
More intrepid mountaineers.