Event - School Trip to Beaumanor Hall

17 October 2008

On Thursday 17 October the whole school went to Beaumanor Hall for the day.

There were seven different age appropriate activities for the different year groups: Reception had to find Itchy Bear in the woods, Year 1 followed a Nursery Rhymes trail, Year 2 Orienteering, Year 3 Survival in the Woods, Year 4 Bridge Building and Canoeing, Year 5 Archery and Climbing and Year 6 High Ropes and Zip Wire.

We all had a fantastic day - even the weather was kind!

Here are two of the children improving their archery skills.
Survival in the woods looks fun.

Climbing is getting difficult.
Year 6 on the high ropes. They were trying to get four people to stand on the top platform.

Coming down is quicker and more fun.
The Zip Wire.