Event - School Trip to Beaumanor Hall

11 October 2012

On 11th October 2012 the whole school went to Beaumanor Hall for the day.

Reception looked for Goldilocks, Year 1 explored Nursery Rhymes, Year 2 found out how to orienteer, Year 3 learnt how to survive in the woods by building shelters, Year 4 learnt how to build a bridge over a stream, Year 5 learnt how to climb on an indoor climbing wall and bust balloon in archery and Year 6 enjoyed the Zip Wire and Aerial Walk.

Year 4 stayed overnight for their first residential and canoed the next day.

Below are a few pictures of the fun we had...

Year 1 learnt about Nursery Rhymes in the woods.
Year 2 learnt how to orienteer.

Now, which way is North?
Year 4 had to build a bridge to cross a stream, and then had to prove it worked...

...or not, as the case may be. Yes, some got wet feet!
Year 6 tried the Zip Wire.

It looks like a frog caught in a net, but it's really one of our pupils up there!
Getting safely to the other side.

Later they tried the Aerial Walk.
It took a lot of courage but the children really enjoyed it.