Event - Class 3 Visit Melton Foods

10 June 2014

On Tuesday the 10th June, for our design and technology, we went to Melton Foods near Melton Mowbray. When we arrived we were all feeling excited. We tasted food and then designed a group sandwich.

After that we gave the recipe to one of the staff who went to make the sandwiches. Neha and Josh tried on some clothes the workers wear. They looked funny because the clothes were too big.

Then we went to the viewing gallery to see how the sandwiches are made. So the most interesting parts were the tasting the food and watching the machinery making the sandwiches.

by Megha and Oscar

Instruction on what we are going to do.
Designing the sandwich.

How to develop a product.
This is what you have to wear to make a sandwich.

Some of the ingredients that can be used to make a sandwich.
Some of the final products that we designed.

We had to test the wraps of course.
I wonder which team won the competition to
design the best wrap?

The winning team.
This is where the real sandwiches are made.