Event - Year 6 Week in France

June 2010

On Monday 7th June 2010 we took our Year 6 children to France for a week. Quite an adventure as some of the children hadn't been abroad before. However, we have an extensive residential programme at The Pochin School, with the Year 4 children stopping at Beaumanor Hall near Quorn, the Year 5 at Aberglaslyn Hall in North Wales for a week and then on to France in Year 6.

We left England on the Monday, arriving at about 3pm in France. We stayed at the Kingswood centre at Criel-Sur-Mer.

After unpacking and getting our bearings it was straight into our first activity, Mini Olympics.

On Tuesday, the Year 6 children from our partner French school came to us for the day. It was another busy day. We started off with some team games to 'break the ice' and to renew our friendship. They came to The Pochin School last May. Then it was into fencing and archery. Something that our children have done before. In the evening the children enjoyed climbing on the indoor wall.

On Wednesday we had an excursion to the World War 1 battlefields. The children already had some background knowledge of this as they had done some work in class. It proved to be a very worthwhile and quite fascinating day. During the visit we saw Lochnagar Crater – it measures 100 metres across and 30 metres deep. It was caused by a massive explosion by the allies on 1st July 1916 to blow up part of the German trenches. We also visited Thiepval, a memorial to 72,000 allied soldiers who are lost but have no known grave.

On Thursday we went to Ecole élémentairé Lucienne Julien, our French partner school, in the village of Beuzeville la Grenier. We were greeted by the mayor and all made very welcome. They had made us a homemade breakfast which was thoroughly enjoyed. Fresh pastries! After lunch, provided by our hosts, we split into small groups and had a treasure hunt around the village.

On Friday we stopped at a local French market on the way home and bought some souvenirs, using our best French of course.

Over the week we renewed old friendship, used the French that we have been learning for seven years, experienced French culture (including eating snails and frogs legs) and learnt so much but most of all, we had a fantastic time with our friends.

Kingswood Centre at Criel-Sur-Mer.

Climbing the indoor wall.

The museum at Albert.
War graves at Mansell Copse.

Lochnagar Crater.
The trenches at Beaumont Hamel.

Thiepval war memorial.
Enjoying pastries at Ecole élémentairé Lucienne Julien.

Renewing old friendships over fresh pains au chocolat!
Enjoying the treasure hunt around the village.