Event - Welcome to our French Visitors

31 October 2013

On Thursday 31st October 2013, 39 French children came from our partner school to visit us. They were here all week and our Year 6 had already spent a day with them at Beaumanor Hall on the Tuesday.

After assembly and a snack we split into two groups with a mixture of French and English children in each group. One activity was a walk around the village looking for clues to complete the map. Of course it wasn't easy as the maps were in the opposite language for each nationality.

The other group enjoyed some Street Dance which included learning the names of various body parts.

It was a brilliant day enjoyed by all. We will meet them again when our Year 6 go to France for a week in June. Below you can see some photographs of their visit.

The anticipation builds as their coach is spotted and we are ready to greet them.
Here they come, all 39 children, six staff and one driver.

We hold a whole school assembly with welcomes and a piece from each class.
Looking for clues around the village.

Dinnertime with a traditional English roast and apple crumble with custard.
Sad farewells at the end of a memorable day.