Event - Welcome to Our Visitors from France

13 April 2015

During the week of 13 April 2015 we had 34 French children visiting us from our partner school near Le Harve.

On Tuesday we met them at Beaumanor Hall. We split into three groups - one playing cranes where we had to support each other in reaching for the cards; another orienteering, in the opposite language of course, with our French partners; and the third group who had to find famous landmarks of Britain through horse riding around an obstacle course, instructions were in the opposite langauge again.

Then it was time for dinner together, and finally we finshed the day off with the stompers.

On Thursday our visitors arrived at our school. We began with an assembly, with each class taking part. Then time for refreshments together.

Later, we split into two groups, with one on a treasure hunt around the village and the other learning about their bodies in the two different languages through street dance.

We had dinner together, with a traditional three course English meal.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye. We look forward to seeing them again soon when we go to France in June.

Our visitors arrive.
Supporting each other as we reach for the cards.

Finding the clues in each other's language.

Looking for clues.
Finding famous landmarks of Britain.

Enjoying lunch together.
Finishing the day with the stompers.

Stomping together in teams.
The visitors arrive at our school on Thursday.

We held an assembly for our visitors.
Each class took part.

Our assembly in full swing.
Time for refreshments together.

We split into groups for activities.
Doing some street dance.

Enjoying dinner together.
We had a three course meal.

The adults eating together.
Time to say goodbye.