Event - Stirring the Pudding

20 November 2009

On Friday 20th November 2009, we all enjoyed our annual 'Stirring the Pudding' assembly at St Mary's Church in Barkby.

After the children had all stirred and made a wish, it was the turn of the adults, as you can see in the photographs below.

It was also the start of a new and exciting adventure for The Pochin School. A while ago some children began playing various instruments. More recently they have been working together in an ensemble. The assembly was the first time that they played in front of an audience.

We were all very impressed and look forward to their next performance!

Dads had a stir...
...and Mums had a stir, too!

A close up of the stirred pudding mixture.
The ensemble tune up.

Filling the church with wonderful music.