Event - A Visit to the Sandwich Factory

11 January 2010

On 11th January 2010 Class 3 went to the Samworth's sandwich factory in Melton Mowbray.

First the children looked at some of the ingredients that go into making a sandwich. They were then split into four groups and had a competition to see which group could design the best sandwich. This took a lot of thought and discussion.

Some of us then dressed up in what the people on the production lines wear to keep everything clean. We were allowed into the Boardroom and learnt about the nutritional aspects of sandwich production.

After we had designed our sandwiches they were actually made by the staff. They tried them and one group won - we had prizes! The staff made versions of our designs, which you can see below.

A big thank you to all the staff at Samworth's. We really enjoyed ourselves and learnt a lot.

Looking at the tasty ingredients.
We split into four groups.

Lots of thought went into our sandwich designs.
Brainstorming ideas for our sandwiches.

Dressing up as production line workers.
Watching the sandwiches being prepared for the shops.

We got to go into the Boardroom.
We learnt about nutritional aspects of production.

It was all very interesting.
Our designs were actually made by the staff, as you can see here and below.