House Point Quiz

As with tradition each year, Charnwood and Windsor pupils compete for the House Cup Award. This would normally be based on the number of house points each team wins. On a weekly basis the house with the most points is awarded a win for that week.

To keep the spirit of the award going there will be a School Quiz uploaded every week, to be completed by Friday at 12.00 noon.

We expect ALL children to participate and support their house.

The house with the most points win the quiz and will go onto the House Point award board, which can be seen on the home page.

Please, only submit the quiz once, because any further submissions will not be counted.

Winning Teams

  • Week 12: Windsor (Summer Sports)
  • Week 11: Windsor (Food Marvellous Food)
  • Week 10: Draw (Our Marvellous Monarch)
  • Week 9: Charnwood (Wildlife Fun)
  • Week 8: Windsor (Legendary Leicester)
  • Week 7: Charnwood (Viking Fun)
  • Week 6: Charnwood (Horrible Histories)
  • Week 5: Charnwood (Everything British)
  • Week 4: Windsor (Easter Quiz 2)
  • Week 3: Charnwood (Easter Quiz 1)
  • Week 2: Windsor (Chocolate Quiz)
  • Week 1: Charnwood (Sunshine Quiz)